The Department of Interior’s blog stated Thursday that the biggest threat to seven of the most iconic landmarks in the United States is climate change. “Climate change is the biggest threat to our national parks,” the blog stated. “It’s not just a future threat — we’re seeing the impacts right now at national parks and other public lands across the country. “We must #ActOnClimate to ensure that current and future generations can enjoy America’s most treasured places,” the blog stated. “If we don’t, we will have to say goodbye to these iconic views.” Here are the seven places the federal government said are in danger of extinction because of climate change: • The wildflowers of Shenandoah in Virginia are threatened because spring is coming earlier in three-quarters of national parks, according to a study funded by the federal government. “In Shenandoah, an earlier spring is giving invasive plants a head start, and they’re displacing native wildflowers, leading to costly management issues. In Acadia, it’s not just the flowers but also bird migration that’s being impacted by earlier springs.” • The trees of Joshua Tree National Park in California: “It’s said that Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax was inspired by Joshua trees. Now life is imitating art, but this time the trees are threatened by climate change.” It predicted that because of rising temperatures, “the trees will be unable to persist much longer within Joshua Tree National Park. Soon, Joshua trees may no longer be found in the park bearing their name.” • Glacier National Park’s “namesake” […]

Clinton Spokesman To Trump: ‘Go F*** Yourself’

A foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had tough words for Donald Trump during Sunday’s presidential debate. “Go fuck yourself,” Jesse Lehrich wrote on Twitter during the contentious debate. Lehrich, a longtime Democratic operative, was responding to an exchange in which Trump said that he would not have sent American troops into Iraq and that, because of that, Army Capt. Humayun Khan would still be alive. Khan, a Muslim-American who was killed in Iraq in June 2004, became a centerpiece of the presidential contest this summer after his father spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton has cited the Khan family when going after Trump for what she says are bigoted…FINISH THE STORY

Media Pounces on Trump Video, Ignores Clinton

A large number of controversial and important items relative to the upcoming election were released Friday. Almost all of them dealt with the corruption, double-dealing, and dishonesty of Hillary Clinton. But one of them was the inflammatory video of Donald Trump discussing his views on women as objects of sexual prey. The mainstream media has largely ignored the lion’s share of the releases (dealing with Hillary) to focus on the 11-year-old, three-minute-long video of Donald Trump expressing a lowbrow, Neanderthalic attitude toward women, when he was recorded on a live mike without his knowledge. Make no mistake: What Trump said on the video is lewd and ugly. If you plan to watch the video (embedded below), be warned that — while the video does not show anything graphic — it does contain offensive and morally repugnant language. He speaks candidly of what can only be described as the sexually predatory behavior of forcing himself — uninvited — upon women because, as he put it, “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” In the video, Trump can be heard describing his attempts to seduce a married woman. He also discusses kissing and inappropriately touching women without asking or waiting to know whether it is welcomed. CONTINUE

Why Independence is the New Capitalism

It seems hard to believe now, but it wasn’t that long ago that the elites in both the United Kingdom and the United States had largely given up on capitalism. In the 1970s, there was broad agreement that we had entered a new era in which the hard-knuckled edges of traditional capitalism were no longer appropriate. In America, President Nixon — a Republican — announced plans to provide a guaranteed income to families with children. Throughout that decade, the top tax rate in the United States was 70 percent. Businesses were tightly regulated. In Great Britain, the situation was even more severe — large parts of the economy, such as the coal industry and the steel industry, were simply nationalized. Even as the economic performance of the English-speaking world deteriorated throughout the ’70s, few elites expected a return to full-scale capitalism. After all, hadn’t capitalism led to the Great Depression? Wasn’t it too controversial and out of date? Even Ronald Reagan’s own future running mate, George H.W. Bush, famously referred to Reagan’s ideas as “voodoo economics.” But Reagan — like Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom — remembered something that many of the smart people on both sides of the Atlantic had forgotten: No one can ever run a business as efficiently as the person whose own money, effort, and sweat have gone into it. The great strength of capitalism is that people work harder, and better, when their own future is at stake. By unleashing the forces of capitalism, both […]